Ken’s primary role at 5 M’s is to manage the programming team that develops software solutions for client’s needs.  Ken is a 25 year veteran in information technology.  He began his career with a major internet service provider well before the internet was pervasive in the world of business. He worked closely with clients to understand the power of the internet as it relates to the management of important business transactions.

Ken was trained in information technology at the University of North Texas and DeVry University where he learned the fundamentals of using technology to manage critical business functions that were previously done manually.

In 2002, he moved into a management position with a sister company that utilizes the internet to provide services to large clients.  In 2013, Ken and his IT team began working on a proprietary web-based software application to manage mineral interests for royalty owners.  This software application will integrate property maps, land management, land administration, revenue accounting, and client reports into a unified system.

In his spare time, Ken is a photography enthusiast who enjoys photographing rural landscapes throughout Texas.  Ken and his wife Ann live in the Fort Worth area.