Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose MineralWare over other industry software?

    MineralWare was designed by mineral management experts that were fed-up with the mineral management software options that were available. They were too complex, too expensive and didn’t provide the basic information that a mineral owner needed. We decided to build our own to fulfill a burning need in the marketplace.

  • Who are your typical clients?

    MineralWare is designed specifically for small to large mineral and royalty owners, mineral managers, institutions, foundations and banks.

  • Do you offer any assistance if I need help in managing my minerals with MineralWare?

    Yes. We will provide the additional support and assistance that you need and charge you a very reasonable hourly rate for our time. An estimate will be sent to you prior to starting on any project.

  • What are your fees?

    MineralWare fees are as low as $100/month and mineral management fees are charged at an affordable hourly rate.

  • How does MineralWare save me time?

    Many mineral and royalty owners spend countless hours manually managing their assets by going back and forth between many different sources (hard copy property folders, maps, well information, state regulatory websites, spreadsheets and other sources). Instead of constantly having to update your records manually, MineralWare automatically updates them for you.

  • Does MineralWare offer well and permit data?

    Yes. MineralWare provides updated well and permit data on and surrounding your properties so that you are continually aware of critical data and activity.

  • Are my oil and gas documents organized in MineralWare?

    Yes. MineralWare stores your oil and gas documents electronically in your account so that you can readily access these documents from anywhere in the world. They are organized and stored with each specific asset so that there are no more headaches trying to locate that all-important oil and gas lease, deed or division order.

  • I am not the most computer savvy, can I use MineralWare?

    Absolutely. MineralWare was built for all ages and is very user friendly – it gives you point and click access to your entire mineral portfolio. If you can send an email, you can use MineralWare.

  • How do I know if I am getting paid on all of the wells that I am entitled to?

    MineralWare identifies your paid-on wells. You can rapidly distinguish the wells you are getting paid on from the wells that you are not. You may be unaware of funds that are in suspense and this gives you the ability to quickly discover the monies that are owed to you so that they can be recouped.

  • How does MineralWare help me keep track of what is leased, held by production and open (available for lease)?

    MineralWare maps and color codes all of your properties which allows you to quickly assimilate the status of each asset. If you own multiple tracts of land, it can be challenging and almost impossible to keep track of each interest’s status. You are instantly able to view your unleased assets and utilize the capabilities of MineralWare to turn dormant properties into producing, revenue-generating properties.

  • I have a concern about succession planning and passing my minerals to my heirs, how can MineralWare help?

    This is a common concern that we hear almost daily. When the patriarch or matriarch passes away, the heirs are frequently left to unscramble the chaos. MineralWare is the solution that provides families invaluable continuity during the transfer to the next generation. All of your minerals, royalties, wells and oil and gas documents are set-up on a platform that anyone can understand and manage.

  • My father retained a trust company to manage our minerals and we are not currently involved in the management of our assets. Does it make sense to have MineralWare in this case?

    Yes. If you want to be more actively involved in the management of your assets, then MineralWare will provide you with invaluable information that will enable you to work more closely with the trust company. Most trust companies do not have a software system like MineralWare.

  • Our family has a lot of mineral assets and they are in a family limited partnership. Can the partnership benefit from MineralWare?

    Yes. MineralWare is also suited for family partnerships since the assets are frequently located in multiple counties and states. Once these assets are setup in MineralWare, the partners can manage the assets much more efficiently with less time and effort.

  • How do I get my heirs engaged in managing the family’s mineral interests like a business instead of treating it like mailbox money?

    MineralWare makes mineral management a lot more fun. Having online access to all of your properties tied to a dynamic map with automatic well updates helps mineral owners of all ages to get more enthusiastic about managing their minerals like a business.

  • Will you train me on how to use MineralWare?

    Yes. Once your assets are setup in MineralWare, we will provide a full orientation to the system. We have designed MineralWare to be very intuitive and user friendly so you will be able to use it immediately, even if you are not a computer expert. If you have questions after the orientation, please call our office during normal business hours and we will happily assist you.

  • How do I access my MineralWare account?

    MineralWare is cloud based so there is no software to download or install. You have 24/7 access to your account from any device with an internet connection.

  • What are my options if MineralWare does not work for me?

    You are free to cancel at the end of your annual subscription.