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Mineral Management Software

We provide dynamic mineral management software to banks, trusts, foundations, institutions, investment funds, family offices and individuals.

The Benefits of MineralWare

1Managed Minerals Means More Money

MineralWare is an automated mineral management software that helps identify missing revenue.

2Save Time and Money

Our software saves our clients countless hours by having critical data at their fingertips which allows them to make instant and informed decisions on their portfolios.

3User Friendly and Fully Integrated

MineralWare is simple to use and requires little to no experience. It allows you to manage your minerals, royalties, documents and well data in one place from anywhere in the world.

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Our Product

MineralWare allows you to easily manage all of your minerals, royalties, documents and well data in one place.

  • Map Integration

    Digital mapping of your assets and wells. Instantly distinguish unleased interests and wells you should be getting paid on.

  • Well and Permit Data

    One-click access to updated well, permit, lease and bonus information on and surrounding your properties.

  • Revenue Tracking

    Automatically track all of your royalty revenue and deductions to make sure you are getting paid correctly. No more manual entry. Export to your CPA to maximize tax savings.

  • Digital Filing Cabinet

    Leases, deeds, division orders, AFE's and other documents are stored electronically to each interest.

  • Ease of Use

    Easy to use and built for institutions and individuals of all sizes.

  • Setup

    Done for you by professionals.

  • Access

    Any device with an internet connection.

  • Secure

    100% secure and encrypted.

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Our Services

We also offer a full range of mineral management services, including:

  • Lease evaluations and negotiations
  • Acquisition of missing deeds and leases
  • Recovery of suspended and escheated funds
  • Marketing of unleased mineral interests
  • Due Diligence and title analysis
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Setup of your MineralWare account

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Our Fees

Our fees are classified as a business expense and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Trustworthy Solutions at a Price You Can Afford

Our fees are affordable whether you manage 40 acres of minerals or a few million acres.

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